Google Spreadsheets

1. What is a google spreadsheet?

A google spreadsheet is a document of information about the class. eg. height, how many siblings we have. etc.

2. How did you use this program today?

Putting in information.

3. What other ways can we use this program?

Seeing what other peoples information if we need it for something. eg. If we are collecting data for a graph.

4. Who was the best class? Why?

Our class (7D) is the best because most of our information is all filled in.


How to be cyber safe

Ways to be safe whilst online.

– Set all your social networks to private.

– Only have people you know on your accounts.

– Avoid all the creeps.

– Don’t talk to people that you don’t know.

– Don’t have all your personal information because it is very simple to look up people and know quite a bit about them.

– Don’t take photos in your school uniform because people can track you down.


Reliable and Unreliable websites

Today in iLearn we learnt all about reliable and unreliable.

Most of the wikkipedia websites are unreliable because people can just write what they want.

Most of the other websites are good because they expert opnion.

How do you know if it’s unreliable;

-How often it’s updated.

-Look for authors name.

-Spelling errors.

-Facts, not opnion.

How do you know if it is reliable;

-Expert opnions.

-And spelling is correct.

Example for a reliable website;

Example for an unreliable website;



Mr howlett said one day that he needed 2 girls to play in the soccer for winter sport. So I did it and we won against emanuel and brauer. Then brauer and emanuel played and emanuel won, so we played against emanuel in the grandfinal. We came a draw but we won against them in the first game so we went through to the next level.

We bet ballerat so now we are going to states.

Well done to all the girls!

Toothpick nose

When I was getting my photo of the camera it was’nt there so I have not photo.

This planet is dry and hot. Most of the planet is flat. Water is found in underground streams but there is little water on the surface of the plant. Most of the planet’s surface is covered in sand, although there are patches of dry grass. When plants can get their roots down into the water table, they grow into tall trees with leaves at the top but not along the trunk. Plants which are not connected to the water table area small and dry, but they are edible. Animals on this planet include insects, a species of birds which roost in the high trees, sand-coloured lizard and a type of rat.

Its size: Its small, its around about 30cm.

How it moves. It moves slowly on its thick legs to carry its round body.

What does it eat? it eats little bugs or insects.

How will it catch/get food and water? It sucks it up in its mouth holes and then chews them and then swallows.

How will it keep warm/cool? Well it keeps cool in their burrows.

Where will it shelter? In there burrows.

How will it protect/defend itself from attackers? It has spikes on its eyes so it would poke them with their eyes.

Multiple Intelligences

I completed a survey which said my strengths are:

1. Music Smart.

2. People Smart.

I agree with this because I love listening to music and I like talking to people

and being around other people like all my friends and family.

The most interesting thing about this is, this is how I learn.

Hints for effective google searches

Today, I have found out how to write a search in on google properly to get information.

– Write in the key words.

– Write in the main words then do a + and then do another main word.

– Use quotation marks.

Leader of Opposition for Government in Victoria.

eg. Good: Opposition leader+Victoria+Australia.

Bad: Who is the leader of opposition for the Government in Victoria.